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HO. LY. SHIT. Words cannot describe the way I felt after watching this. And once again, I am back with an analysis of the video. If you didn't catch my last analysis on the opening, you can view it here:…
If you want to follow along with the analysis, here's the trailer:…
Again, I'm not very good at this sort of stuff, so if you find this not to satisfy your needs, just look people up on YouTube.

As the trailer begins, we see a more developed Beacon Academy (compared to the main avenue and other small sections of the academy from last year) from the sky and an Airship approaching the landing pad as two Bullhead's swooping past the Airship and Beacon in a military formation as Professor Ozpin is monoluging that the world is in a time of peace. The scene transitions to Ozpin in what is supposedly his office and talking to a currently unnamed character (who, if I'm not mistaken, was shown in the opening with Penny and the person talking to her at the end of the first volume), telling him that showing their powers in a certain manner will give a wrong impression to people. Said unnamed character asks Ozpin if the students of Beacon are prepared to fight a war, to which Ozpin replies he hopes they'll never have to.
The scene transitions to Blake regarding her concerns about Roman Torchwick and the White Fang working together, and how they're up to something and that the team may not be ready for it when the time comes, with a montage of the White Fang and Torchwick occurring as she speaks. (Theory 1: During one of these scenes Blake accidently mentions Adam, and has to explain that she was an accomplice with him before arriving at Beacon). The scene cuts to Cinder as she talking to Roman, as he's likely asking what exactly all the preparations are for, saying, "You'll know what you need when you need to know." (Jeez, try saying that five times fast...)
The scene then fades to Ruby as she's talking to Team RWBY about how she's prepared 'events' for the team, with several scenes going over her monologue–the first being Weiss and Juane in Professor Port's lecture hall, and then the next being a ballroom scene as Juane watches Pyrrha climb up a flight of stairs (I'm still thinking that they'll begin to develop a relationship. I personally know people that don't want to see that happen, but hey, a guy can dream, right?)and Yang replies saying that it ought to be interesting.
The scene then cuts to Glynda Goodwitch and Ozpin as they watch the girls laughing over something that had just happened (probably something happening during one of Ruby's events, or something along those lines), Glynda stating that "They're supposed to the defenders of the world." Ozpin then tells her that they're still children and that they should let them live the part, as he states it isn't something they'll posses forever.
The scene then jumps to a montage, with RWBY preparing for battle, and then JNPR standing in the mess hall on a mountain of tables (I blame Nora.) The scene shifts to the unnamed character from the beginning of the video in front of a crowd, showing off what appears to be androids, visibly more robotic compared to Penny (Theory 2: The androids are brought in to help law enforcement, but the White Fang does something with them that render them useless or even threating towards people). Then another scene shows Roman addressing the White Fang, and revealing a new weapon to them that, for a lack of better words, is a freaking mechon (Did anybody else get Robocop vibes from it?) Another character is shown as a member of the White Fang, a muscled male with tattoos running across his left arm that, honestly, reminds me of the Meta from Red vs. Blue.
After the character Mercury throws a kick at the camera, the scene flashes to Ruby running on a brick wall chasing after Penny, grabbing her and flying down another path (Theory 3: Penny goes AWOL from the people that created her, but is running from Ruby to prevent anything from happening to her friend should they learn about Ruby's friendship with her, or she's trying not to be infected with a virus that the White Fang is using against the androids (As I stated Theory 2 shown above) and she's attempting to not be infected with it.) Then it cuts to Pyrrha fighting against Mercury in what I still believe is the Vale Tournament as she knocks him back with her shield (which, if you didn't see, was a sneak peek in development that Monty showed during Rooster Teeth's 8-Bit Salute Stream as a reward for everyone's donations for making Lazer Team a possible production.)
The scene then shifts to Yang in a different outfit compared to her combat and school uniform walking into Junior's Club from the Yellow trailer, and immediately getting at least eight firearms being pointed at her head by henchmen (Guess they're still holding a grudge against her. Not surprising considering the damage she did...) After that, it cuts to Mercury and Emerald in what's presumably a bookstore and likely gathering information from a discount Wolverine (Let's face it, we were all thinking of that), or trying to recruit him for the White Fang/Cinder's plans. Likely setting him off with something they said or did, the Wolverine character unsheathes his claws and jumps on top of the counter making the duo step back. And then we see a (hopefully) more comedic moment of Roman pretending to cut his throat as Cinder mouths the word 'What?' to a character off-screen.
The scene cuts to the mechon jumping onto a highway of sorts chasing after Blake Sun as they jump from car to car as it follows them (Theory 4: The teams, or Blake and Sun by themselves, launch an attack against the White Fang, but the attack goes awry when the mechon is activated and gives chase after them). The scene then cuts to Yang in the air nearby the supposed highway system and Weiss below her, preforming what I spectate to be a combo move that requires at least two people to perform as she smashes the ice that Weiss formed and kicking up a mist around them. The scene then cuts to Ruby lying down in the middle of the road, jumping up when she likely hears the horn of a truck heading straight for her before being pushed out of the way by Penny, presumably just before or right after Ruby caught up to Penny in the alleyway earlier.
The scene transitions to Blake getting up from an attack and jumping up before cutting to another scene with her and Sun jumping on the rooftops with the mechon in the background. The scene then shifts to Blake landing next to Ruby as Weiss rushes past them to perform a move, possibly the one shown with Yang. The scene then cuts to three Beowolves running down what appears to be a portion of Vale that is abandoned, with buildings with shattered windows on the left and the background and a construction site to the right. The scene then transitions to Blake as she performs a move that sets off a chain of explosions around her (Final Fantasy reference anyone?) and then to Pyrrha sparring off against Cardin in the tournament as he attacks her relentlessly (Still wants revenge against her from being outdone by her in the classroom last volume I presume).
The scene then shifts to Yang on her motorcycle with the character currently known as Neptune from Sun's team narrowly dodging cars that are being thrown up from the mechon. Neptune then grabs his weapon and aims it as it changes into its gun form (Does anyone see it as a railgun or something along those lines?) before firing. The second-to-last scene then shows Ruby holding an unconscious Weiss in her arms as a pillar falls behind them (Theory 5: Weiss is injured to a point to which she cannot participate with Team RWBY, which might bring in the idea of teams shifting teammates between them for more variety in their team maneuvers...which would be kind of awkward, considering my fanfic...). After showing the title for RWBY, the final scene shows the mechon slowly walking through a cloud of mist (which I believe was Yang's doing when she punched the ice Weiss formed earlier), spotting the team as they run around it (apart from Blake, cause, you know, she's a ninja) and firing at Yang before showing Team RWBY in an attack formation that somewhat mirrors them during the battle against the Nevermore in the first volume with the slingshot idea Ruby came up with.

Again, I don't expect much of this to be accurate, but that's what I like being wrong here. Rooster Teeth has a neat way of pulling out the carpet from underneath us that we just can't see coming (And in a good way, not the Shymaylan-styled twists...)
July 24, I shall be waiting...


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