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Episode 11 of RWBY...damn did stuff get really serious towards the end. And along with the fact that everyone is saying this...

Ruby is from Halo! She called in an ordinance that was her locker, so now we can connect Red vs. Blue to RWBY.

And Cinder, good grief, you are overpowered. Seriously, summoning two blades out of nowhere? Ov. er. pow. erd.

And Juane? Don't even get me started...
Okay, so for this week of RWBY we got something a little different: a sort of ViDoc called World of Remnant (I swear, that's a play on WoW) that provided background information regarding Dust, the RWBY universe's primary power source. Again, this is probably not a true in-depth overlook, so this doesn't suit your needs, then by all means, go ahead and find another review elsewhere. To follow along, go here: If you haven't seen any of previous analyses, here's the one for the Vol. 2 Trailer:…, and the Vol.2 Opening:…

The video begins with Jen Taylor (VA of the Halo franchise's Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey) narrating the definition of Dust: "a naturally occurring energy repellant that can be triggered by the aura of Humans and Faunus." She adds on saying that it is something much more. With it being found in four basic forms (presumably fire, water, earth,), Dust can be combined either artificially and naturally to create different types, with each having unique properties. Since mankind's birth, man has used Dust to create objects such as airships and androids, as mentioned in the Vidoc, and thus Dust has made its way almost everything with technology. (Theory 1: At some point in the series, a new form of Dust is discovered, and with it a new realm of possibilities become available.) In its purest form, raw when mined from within Remnant, it can be used in a way described as "elegant, yet destructive," but those who wield Dust in its raw form must have a certain level of discipline, or else the power will break from their control.
The more practical form in modern society is Dust ammunition, as warriors can pick the right cartridge for the weapon, and merely pull the trigger. While it has become the standard form of use, there are still individuals who practice in the archaic forms of Dust manipulation, like weaving it into clothing, or infusing it directly into their bodies. (Theory 2: Cinder is a human who either infused Dust with her clothes or with herself, as she is shown to wield fire in her hands and her cloak having a glow to it in combat.) (Theory 3: Yang may also have infused Dust with herself, as theoretically it would explain why her hair glows when her Aura is activated.)
Despite learning how to wield Dust and profiting from it, mankind has still yet to learn the origins of Dust, and how humanity's usage of Dust will change the world of Remnant...

With three more World of Remnant videos expected to come out during the duration of Volume 2, I have a few ideas for topics of interest: Aura, Faunus, Grimm, and the White Fang
Episode 11 of RWBY...damn did stuff get really serious towards the end. And along with the fact that everyone is saying this...



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Sorry boys. That's classified. Well, apart from being a brony, that is. And a human male that joined the United Nation Space Command 'Helljumpers' to kick some Covenant ass.

Memorable quotes:

"Dear humanity, we regret being alien bastards, we regret coming to Earth, and we most definitely regret the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!" - Sgt. Johnson, Halo 2

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